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Publishing Information and Self-Help Books

Teal Goat is a small, independent publisher located in Northeast Tennessee. Established to provide start-to-end assistance to authors writing about important health and life issues, Teal Goat publishes non-fiction books of all types on a wide variety of subjects.



Mission statement

To publish high-quality nonfiction books by talented and honest writers at an affordable price. To give back to the community by donating a percentage of our profits in support of local food programs combating childhood hunger. To publish the most dependable and comprehensive information on matters important to you. To sell through retail, mail order, and online channels. To offer superior customer service. To continue to develop new and innovative ways to market and distribute books. To seek out the most current information on any subject and then find those who are writing about that information in an easy to understand format.

Our Publications

20 Minute Pet Insurance

An introduction to pet insurance, including how it works, when a pet owner may want to consider it, and how to choose a policy.

Pawsitively Affordable: A Guide to Free and Low-Cost Pet Care

An extensive catalog of charities, veterinarians, and financial assistance available for pets and owners who are unable to afford life-saving health care. Includes entries for 48 US states, as well as national programs and an introduction to generally helpful concepts such as crowdfunding.